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Top ten trending kitchen improvements for June 2021

Beautiful modern kitchen

If a full kitchen renovation isn’t on the horizon, the next best thing is to find simple ways to improve your kitchen.

Believe it or not, getting a whole fresh look doesn’t have to entail tearing down any of the walls.

CAM Africa has sourced the top ten trending kitchen improvements for July 2021 that you can put together including a trendy selection of stools, lighting, artwork, stainless steel sinks and even glistening cabinet hardware if you choose the right combination of accessories.

Circular arranged banquette seating

No.1 Banquette Seating

Top designers swear by banquette seating when it comes to creating a spacious kitchen. Increase the visual appeal with a variety of throw pillows and high shelves that can be used to showcase a set.

White kitchen with blue decor elements

No.2 Bursts of blue

Express an instant sensation of calmness in your kitchen, by adding small shades of blue in the form of a watery blue backsplash to a teal rug and floating cabinets.

Designing a comfortable corner in your kitchen

No.3 Comfortable Nook

For South Africans, built-in seating is a must-have to make the utmost use of a kitchen nook. As a final touch, add patterned throw pillows.

Bold seating for kitchen improvement

No.4 Audacious Seating

Chairs in a bright colour can instantly enhance your space. As seen above, you may match them to your favorite kitchen items.

Kitchen decor improvements using wood accents

No.5 Stunning Wood Accents

Elevate a white kitchen with wood pieces in various colours for a rustic vibe. To complete the design plan, add a few brass elements, such as a pair of pendants.

CAM Africa kitchen sink improvements for kitchen decor

No.6 Place the Sink First

When designing the perfect kitchen layout, start with the sink and work your way out. Decide on which style stainless steel sink will suit your kitchen the best, double bowl sinks are most suited for the scullery whereas prep bowls work best on kitchen islands.

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Large kitchen lighting fixtures

No.7 sizeable Lighting

An enormous pendant is an ideal choice for any area that requires one statement item to take it to the next level.

Organised shelving to improve kitchen decor

No.8 Shelving that is well-organized

Whether you collect white porcelain mugs or blue and white patterned serving dishes, putting them on full display can add character to your kitchen.

Moody hues to improve kitchen decor

No.9 Fitful Hues

 Black gives a touch of opulence to any kitchen. Consider “nearly black” hues that are rich and warm, such as deep blues and comforting maroons, for a less dramatic but equally stylish choice.

Kitchen island used for storage

No.10 Island Storage

Place linens, platters, and other single-use items under the island. Hidden cabinets on both sides serve as storage for pots and pans.