Product Guarantee

Choose Affordable Quality for Life. Choose CAM Africa.

When you purchase a CAM Africa sink, you purchase hassle free peace of mind.

We therefore offer consumers a voluntary 25 year manufacturer’s guarantee on our stainless steel sinks.

Guarantee claims are subject to the following conditions:

  • The product has been used in an application that is suitable for its design and correct specification.
  • Installation was done by a competent plumber.
  • The product has not been tampered with or unduly modified.
  • Fair wear & tear excluded.
  • The product has not been exposed to unsuitable chemicals which could affect the material.
  • These chemicals include but are not limited to chlorine, ammonia, household bleach, certain acid containing cleaners and exposure to salt water conditions. (Refer to Cleaning and Maintenance of Stainless Steel on the website
  • The guarantee is applicable within the Republic of South Africa.
  • The guarantee is subject to the presentation of the proof of purchase/purchase receipt documentation.

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Product Training

As part of our service offering, we offer comprehensive inhouse training to better equip your team.

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